For years football programs have relied upon game films to analyze on-field play, evaluate coaching decisions and opponent strategy, and to assess strengths and weaknesses of the team. The Mountain Lakes Football program is no different, and many a Herdsman can fondly recall the hours spent the morning after a game reviewing game films on the old projector at Briarcliff (perhaps not so fondly after a loss).

Hudl, a software company founded in 2006, has revolutionized the way teams have been able to leverage game film content. Through its web-based user interface, Hudl offers teams simple-to-use tools to edit and share video, study play diagrams, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes.

The Mountain Lakes Football program has adopted the use of Hudl and the HERD Alumni is now happy to announce its integration within our website.

And example weekly recap:

Be on the lookout for weekly highlight videos as the HERD begins its 2017 season!

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