Over the past 22 years there have been many changes on the football field at Mountain Lakes. The grass field was converted to turf, Coach Doug Wilkins retired from coaching, lights were added to the field, and games were moved to Friday nights. Throughout all of these changes, one thing remained the same: the voice announcing the action during football games. On Friday, September 9th, 2017 that also changed when Mr. Chris Sullivan retired from his role as “The Voice of the HERD” after 22 seasons.

Chris has been a long time resident of Mountain Lakes, living in the ML community for the past 50 years. He was married to Elizabeth Sullivan for 42 years before her passing in 2009. Elizabeth was also very involved in the Laker community as a teacher in Mountain Lakes for 18 years. His two daughters, Beth Sullivan and Georgia Sullivan, are both MLHS Alumni.

Chris’s dedication to the HERD football program goes beyond his announcer role. He supported each and every HERD team both on and off the football field. Chris went to weekly meetings and practices, developed relationships with players and coaches, and was always involved in the full journey of every football season.

Chris has been a great friend to many in the Mountain Lakes community and has made an impact on HERD players, coaches, and Laker family members. His tireless efforts have made him a staple of HERD football on both Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.

On behalf of the HERD football program, the HERD Alumni Association, the MLHS Athletic Department, the Mountain Lakes Alumni Association, and the entire Mountain Lakes community, we thank Chris for his service and dedication as “The Voice of the HERD”.

Thank you, Chris Sullivan. You will be missed.

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