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The HERD Alumni Foundation’s mission is to support the Mountain Lakes HERD football program through fundraising and community building efforts. Thanks to the hard work by our volunteers and the generosity of the members of our HERD family, we’re proud to say that we have been able to acheive our goals and stay true to the vision that the late Coach Wilkins had when he formed the foundation.

The Buffalo Club represents the next evolution in our fundraising efforts. It is a new and exciting way to support the HERD Alumni Foundation and is designed to give back to our dedicated supporters as a way of thanking you for continuing to believe in the spirit of the HERD. The concept is simple: in return for your generous support, you will receive rewards for your donations that are exclusive to Buffalo Club members. The more you give, the more you get! It’s our way of expressing our thanks beyond a simple thank you.

 Hustle, Enthusiasm, Roughness, Desire & Dedication. These are the five foundational principles of the HERD. The fundamental truths about what it takes to succeed. The creed that guides our actions; both on the field and off. Every Herdsman knows these words, and many of us continue to live by them even to this day. As you explore the Buffalo Club’s four levels of giving, think back to your days on the practice and game fields and remember what Hustle, Enthusiasm, Rougness, Desire & Dedication meant to you then…and what it means to you now.

We hope you consider joining the Buffalo Club. With your support, we can continue to carry out the vision of the man who supported us all, Coach Doug Wilkins.


Level 1: “Hustle”

It all begins with a little hustle. Join the Buffalo Club at our introductory level and you’ll receive a unique Buffalo Club HERD magnet. You will also receive weekly game recaps during the season sent directly to your inbox.
Join the Buffalo club
Join the Buffalo Club

Level 2: “Enthusiasm”

Bring the enthusiasm! Level 2 Buffalo Club members get weekly game recaps delivered to your inbox during the season, a custom HERD magnet, a HERD 2020 Team t-shirt, and $25 off the price of admission to the annual Alumni Pig Roast.

Level 3: “Roughness”

Roughness is how you leave your mark, and what sets you apart from the rest. Level 3 members will receive a unique Buffalo Club HERD magnet, a HERD 2020 Team t-shirt, a Grateful Dead-style HERD hat, weekly game replays delivered to your inbox in-season, and full admission for one to the annual Alumni Pig Roast.
Join the Buffalo Club
Join the Buffalo Club

Level 4: “Desire & Dedication”

The pinnacle of support for the HERD. Desire and dedication is what drives us to win. Level 4 members receive a unique Buffalo Club HERD magnet, a HERD 2020 Team t-shirt, a Grateful Dead-style HERD hat, weekly game replays delivered to your inbox in-season, and full admission for two to the annual Alumni Pig Roast.

Have questions about the Buffalo Club or need technical support? Contact us.

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*All Buffalo Club memberships are billed annually. Upon renewal, you may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership.

Our Top Priorities

Herdsman Scholarships

Our fundraising supports the Wilkins-Roche Herdsman Scholarship, which has awarded thousands of dollars annually to senior Herdsmen since its inception in 2010.

Equipment & Technology

Championship-winning teams benefit from cutting edge training equipment and technology, and our fundraising helps offset the high costs often associated with these tools.

Field Maintenance

We assist in the maintainence and upkeep of legendary Wilkins Field, in honor of the memory of the man whose name it bears. We are also planning future additions to further enhance this hallowed ground.

Preserving History

Stats, rosters, photographs…we allocate resources and funds to preserving the history of the HERD, so that it may be accessed and shared by former players, coaches and fans for generationst to come.

Rewarding Commitment

We make sure that all of those in supporting roles know how appreciated their commitment to the success of the HERD is by rewarding them with gifts made possible by you, our generous donors.

Our Impact


Equipment & Uniforms

General Fund

Upcoming Events



HERD Alumni Gathering

With the cancellation of this year's pig roast, we wanted to do something to get our alumni family together. More details to follow.

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